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H-1B Cap for fy2020 met

The H-1B cap season for Fiscal Year 2020 has been met! This year saw historical records of applications received by USCIS. These numbers only further demonstrates how the U.S. needs immigration reform. 

Have you, or someone you know, applied for an H-1B? Read through some of our FAQs to know whats next!

H-1B Video

Watch our quick video to learn all about the upcoming H-1B visa deadline in April 2019.

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H-1B: Frequently asked questions

As you may know, the H-1B “cap” filing period is rapidly approaching in April. The H-1B visa is an extremely sought-after option for professional-level foreign national employees. If your company is considering filing an H-1B case for employees this year, there are some crucial deadlines & things to keep in mind.

Below, we have answered some frequently asked questions relating to the H-1B visa and its elusive “cap”.


H-1B Flowchart & Deadlines

See our flowchart for some specific dates and important deadlines involved in the H-1B cap process.